The first time visit</section>

Your first visit provides an opportunity for you to understand the issues surrounding your specific concerns and some options available to address these.

We will provide some thoughts on various approaches to solving your problem and, in partnership, will come up with a plan that suits your unique set of concerns and circumstances.

The First Visit

The first visit provides an opportunity to discuss your concerns with Dr Dillon. These may range from wanting an end to the patch and repair cycle of breakdown, to dealing with issues of tooth wear or erosion, to restoring function or aesthetics. For most people there is more than one issue. We need to know what is important to you?

Clinical Examination

We will examine your mouth using high performance optical loupes. We will take detailed records of the state of your teeth, gums, your bite and inspect the health of your oral soft tissues.

Digital photographs will be taken. Where there are bite issues it may be necessary to take Dental Study Models. If Dental X-rays are required we will usually arrange referral to our Dental Radiologist where most of the cost is Medicare rebated.

Discussion of Findings and Treatment Options

Following the examination, we will transfer to a comfortable discussion room, away from the clinical area. We will provide an easy to understand summary of the key issues to be addressed: your concerns and our findings.

If your problem is relatively simple we will provide appropriate solutions and costs.

If your problem is more complex, a follow-up interactive discussion visit will be arranged (at no additional cost). Appropriate solutions will be discussed.

A detailed letter with a portfolio of your photos will list out the issues and treatment options along with costs to allow you to make a fully informed decision about your dental future.

Patients are often surprised that we are able to explain complex problems in simple easy to understand terms and provide solutions that no one has previously suggested.