Our Dental Facility

We have a boutique facility designed to provide you with comfort, privacy and individual care.

You Can Have Confidence:

In our Filling Materials: we only use fully TGA approved filling materials purchased in Australia through reputable local dealers, ensuring maximum clinical performance and your safety.

In our Dental Laboratory and Dental Technicians: with collectively over 90 years experience in dental technology our 3 laboratory master dental technicians, Mr Peter Laukens, Mr Tom Friedman and Mr Russell Young have the knowledge, skill and craftsmanship to obtain a LUX result in terms of fit, function and aesthetics.

In your Smile Design: we have extensive Portfolios and Displays showcasing Thousands of Photos of Our Satisfied Patients (Before and After Shots). Once we have an idea of your requirements we will undertake a ““trial smile” or “mock-up”” in your mouth so you can visualize the intended outcome. Changes to the mock-up can be made to fulfill your wishes. We only start treatment when you are happy with the intended result.

We also do a trial fit of the restorations on a separate visit prior to their insertion so that any changes to colour, shape or arrangement can still be made.

In your Health and Safety: Your health and safety is a priority to us. All our dental instruments are either sterilized in our Class B autoclaves or disposed of after use. Our instruments remain bagged and sterile until use. Our dental chair, dental cart and all tubing is bagged and changed between each patient. We use only sterile bottled water through our dental handpieces.

Your restorations will be designed and handcrafted IN AUSTRALIA using only TGA approved materials, ensuring maximum clinical performance and your safety